Assembly: Anti-Social Behaviour Talk

PCSO Ben from West Midlands Police visited us in assembly today to talk about anti-social behaviour at Halloween & Bonfire Night. Ben was very impressed with the behaviour of pupils at Leamore Primary School; the quality of questions that they asked him after his talk and how much information they could remember!

Ben showed us the ‘Trick or Treat, No Thanks!’ cards that people, particularly the elderly, could place in their window to show that they didn’t want to be disturbed by trick or treaters.

Anti-Social Behaviour Assembly

Problem Solving Assembly

In today’s assembly, we watched a short animation called ‘Bridge’ where a moose and a bear meet on a bridge and can’t figure out how to go past each other.

Pairs of children were invited to travel along our own bridge to see what strategies they could think of for solving this problem.

These two Year Six pupils thought of three different ways that they could use to cross to the other side of the bridge.

National Poetry Day

To celebrate National Poetry Day on Thursday 8th October 2015, each class learnt a poem by a British poet off-by-heart and then recited it, with actions, to the rest of the school during a special assembly.

Year One performed ‘A Little Bird’s Song’ by Margaret Rose 

Year Two performed ‘Colour’ by Christine Rossetti

Year Three performed ‘On the Ning Nang Nong’ by Spike Milligan

Year Four performed ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling

Year Five performed ‘October’ by Edgar A. Guest

Year Six performed ‘Talking Turkeys’ by Benjamin Zephaniah

Year Six Lofties performed ‘An Evacuee’s Poem’ by Kenneth E. Coe

‘Bring Your Pet to School’ Afternoon

It was ‘Bring Your Pet to School’ afternoon in Year One’s science lesson today! The class were visited by a snake, owl, crested gecko and chickens from one pupil. Three other pupils brought in their cats. Two dogs popped in to wag their tails and say, “Woof!”. A guinea pig also visited, as well as a tortoise and axoloti. How impressive to see such a varied mixture of animals living with Leamore families!

The children talked about how to take care of their pets, their habitats and specific characteristics. For example, they considered if the pets were cold blooded, had scales, fur or feathers. The children also noticed that each pet had certain features and looked at how they might be able to group them according to their characteristics. Pupils then used their identified criteria – mammal, fish, reptile, amphibian and bird – to sort the pets according to the features specified.

What an exciting and brilliant afternoon!

Funny Feet Friday

We celebrated an old favourite today: Funny Feet Friday! Children and staff were invited to wear unusual footwear to school to launch October’s Walk to School month. Check out some of the funny feet that arrived at school today!

Roald Dahl Day!

The children of Leamore Primary celebrated ‘Roald Dahl Day’ today in assembly with a game that Mrs Hill designed around the brilliant book ‘The Twits’! A Y6 pupil challenged Mr Ellison in a food competition! The contestants had to sniff each food item (whilst blindfolded!) and guess what it was. Each correct answer gained them a point. Here they are, trying hard:


(Assembly) Roald Dahl Day from Leamore Primary School on Vimeo.

(Assembly) Roald Dahl Day 2 from Leamore Primary School on Vimeo.

The winner was our Y6 pupil who won a very special copy of ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl! Well done!