Roald Dahl Day!

The children of Leamore Primary celebrated ‘Roald Dahl Day’ today in assembly with a game that Mrs Hill designed around the brilliant book ‘The Twits’! A Y6 pupil challenged Mr Ellison in a food competition! The contestants had to sniff each food item (whilst blindfolded!) and guess what it was. Each correct answer gained them a point. Here they are, trying hard:


(Assembly) Roald Dahl Day from Leamore Primary School on Vimeo.

(Assembly) Roald Dahl Day 2 from Leamore Primary School on Vimeo.

The winner was our Y6 pupil who won a very special copy of ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl! Well done!

ASPIRE Awards Nominations

These are our very first ‘ASPIRE Awards‘ nominations. Good luck to all pupils involved! Nominations have been shared with members of the Governing Body for voting.

Nursery Nominations

Dhiyana J

Dhiyana always does her best. She works hard and consistently produces very good work. Dhiyana is eager to extend her learning and loves to work independently to further her knowledge and skills. Dhiyana works well as part of a group, she takes turns and is very caring towards other children. Dhiyana is a happy well-mannered girl and a pleasure to have in class.

Lola W

Lola is eager to learn and always tries her best. Lola enjoys working and playing in nursery and is a pleasure to have in class. Lola is a kind and friendly little girl. Lola works well in a group and encourages other children to join in. Lola shares resources and is very caring towards others.

Reception Nominations

Ellie S

Ellie consistently shines in Reception. She is always eager to go above and beyond with every task that she is given. Ellie thrives on challenges and consistently produces fantastic work. Ellie respects all her classmates and if often a ‘buddy’ to other children that need a friend during lunch. Ellie will also help those that struggle with their work during Literacy and Maths. In the entire time I have had Ellie (since Nursery) I have never had to speak to her about looking after our classroom, sharing, general class rules etc. Ellie Simkin is an outstanding pupil both academically and socially!

Olivia P

Olivia over the last few weeks has really demonstrated a positive attitude to everything she does, especially her writing and numberwork! She is a resilient learner and keeps going until she has produced the best work possible. She has a fantastic attitude to learning and is eager to impress others. Olivia is a very polite, kind and well-behaved member of the class. She is always one of the first to help tidy up and look after a class mate who may be upset. Olivia has really blossomed since Easter and I always tell her that she is ‘on fire’ because she always works as if she was working on a hot task! She is a great role model in Reception!

Year One Nominations

Lewis F

Lewis is mature beyond his years he is an all-round hard worker. He always gives 100% in all areas of learning and demonstrates a ‘can do’ attitude. He is a great friend to have and a very popular member of the class. All the children respect him for many reasons but mainly because he has the ability to nurture others who are in need. Lewis cares for his environment and often says he loves our school and demonstrates this by always following the rules and promoting them to others. It is an absolute pleasure to have Lewis in Year 1 and I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching him this year.

Sophie T

Sophie is a bubbly character who has a great sense of humour with a giggle that is contagious. She has a positive approach to all aspects of school life and I am always impressed with her standard of work; she puts her ‘all’ into it. Her ability to persist on a task that she finds challenging is commendable! Sophie has grown in confidence during her time in year 1 and it has been an absolute pleasure to see her blossom. She has a kind and caring nature and often reaches out to help the more challenging children in our class. Her behaviour is exemplary and she is a positive role model. Sophie’s most inspiring attribute is that she is a team player and always listens to others opinions.

Year Two Nominations

Gabrielle B

Gabrielle is the perfect example of a model pupil. She is hard-working, thoughtful and always well-behaved. She is a brilliant listener and applies herself 100% in all that she does. Even when she finds something difficult she is motivated to try and overcome it in any way possible. I don’t think Gabrielle has ever lost a dojo point because her brilliant example of behaviour never falters. 

Wyatt H

Wyatt is one of the most polite members of Year Two and the perfect example of this is the fact that he thanks ‘Breakfast Club’  staff daily for making him breakfast. He is conscientious,  determined and focused. He is always the first one on the carpet, the smartest lining up and the first to get stuck in to any given task. I cannot praise his fabulous attitude to school enough!

Year Three Nominations

Tallulah F

Tallulah’s attitude to school and learning has improved immensely over the last two terms. She is beginning to take ownership of her own learning by settling down to lessons and showing good listening skills throughout the day. She has developed a positive attitude which is evident in her quality of work and her understanding. Tallulah is confident at managing distractions in class and often chooses to change seats to move away from any distractions in order to get on with her work and to complete her tasks. At the start of the year, Tallulah often struggled with working with others. However, she has recently shown a higher level of maturity, as she is now able to work with others, as a team and also works to support and motivate others.

Alfie J

Alfie has impressed us with his resilience and perseverance during tasks which he often struggles with. He is a great role model for his group as he often offers praise and encouragement to his peers. He is a caring pupil who is hardworking and polite. He has developed the ability to manage distractions in class and often ignores any disruptions around him in order to complete all tasks. Alfie has shown great determination to improve his reading skills this term, he has worked really hard with Miss Walker during phonics sessions and has developed a fluent reading style.

Year Four Nominations

Grace D

Grace is respectful to children and adults alike. She is consistently kind and helpful towards others. She consistently tries to do her best and always tries to do what is asked of her. Her behaviour is impeccable, I’ve never had to say a cross word to her in all the time I’ve known her. Can be trusted to move around school appropriately. She is always willing to have a go at anything she is given.

Tom D

Willing to help others with their work when they are struggling. Tom also quite likes a challenge. He is an attentive scholar and quickly takes on board what is said to him. He can be trusted to take messages and to look after school equipment. He can be trusted to move around school in the manner expected.

Year Five Nominations

Libby N

Always wants to do well in whatever lesson she is taking part in. Enthusiastic about whatever she is taking part in whether in lessons or with extra duties. I’ve never had to speak to her over poor behaviour or poor standards with work. Conducts herself with maturity in class and around the school.

Abbie W

Tries hard with whatever she is doing, even if the work is challenging. Always willing to share her experiences and happiness around the room. Always ready for the next challenge in class or around the school. Conducts herself well in and out of class.

Year Six Nominations

Charlie H

Always ready and listening to the teacher. Works well alone and with others, co-operating with anyone she is asked to work with. Always tries her best with all work. Takes pride in all work she does. Good at reflecting on her own performance and looking for ways to improve her skills. Always acting upon advice give. A good friend who is fair and pleasant. Polite to everyone including all adults and peers. Respect for others and school environment. Always willing to help

Lewis S

Always ready to respond to questions and enter discussions even if he is unsure. Takes pride in his work and his presentation. Works well with others and independently. Very focused, completing tasks well and taking the initiative on action once he has finished. Always keen to extend his understanding through extension tasks . Goes the extra mile with homework, doing extra or even making up his own homework. Pleasant to everyone – adults and peers alike. Respectful of others and school environment. Very helpful to others. Always willing to help with classroom jobs. Reliable and sensible – can trust him to take initiative and do right thing.