ASPIRE Awards – Autumn 2

We held our third ASPIRE Awards Assembly (for Autumn 2) on Thursday 17th December. These are the pupils who were nominated from each class. Please click on the booklet to enlarge before reading.

After hearing why each class teacher had nominated these children, all nominees were awarded with a certificate which was presented by one of our school governors.

Mrs Vanessa Holding presented certificates to nominees from EYFS and KS1.

Mrs Vanessa Holding, one of our Joint Chair of Governors, presented certificates to nominees from EYFS and KS1.

Mrs Elizabeth Green, parent governor, presented certificates to KS2 nominees.

Mrs Elizabeth Green, parent governor, presented certificates to KS2 nominees.

After all nominees had selected a prize from our fabulous prize table, they were invited to parade around the hall whilst the rest of the school clapped them on!

Finally, the three overall winners (one each from EYFS, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two) were also presented with a Toys R Us voucher! Overall winners were voted for by governors after reading through all the nominations.

A huge congratulations to all our nominees! You are ASPIRE ambassadors!

Some photos of our ASPIRE nominees with members of their family!


Lunchtime Awards

This morning, we held our first ever Lunchtime Awards Assembly! Miss Smith, our Principal Lunchtime Supervisor, approached me a couple of weeks ago to say that the lunchtime supervisors wanted to award certificates and prizes to those pupils who demonstrated the ASPIRE vision brilliantly at lunchtimes.

On behalf of all the lunchtime supervisors, Miss Smith presented prizes to two or three children from each class.

Here are our lunchtime award winners. They were selected for consistently demonstrating lovely manners and always being polite to the lunchtime supervisors. Additionally, these are the pupils who always behave superbly at lunchtime. One of our younger pupils was recognised for always telling Doreen, our school cook, how much he had enjoyed his lunch every day, “Mmm, that was a lovely dinner today Doreen! Thank you”.

A huge ‘Well Done!’ to all of our lunchtime award winners! I am proud of you!


Anti-Bullying Week Finale

After a whole week of participating in Anti-Bullying activities, Leamore pupils shared some of their learning with the rest of the school.

Nursery shared their magical friendship mix!

To the tune of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’, children in Reception sang about being kind and friendly, sharing and not liking bullies.

Year One pupils treated us to a superb drama about the three types of bullying.

A fun and tuneful performance of ‘The Ugly Duckling’ was shared by the children in Year Two.

Year Three pupils performed an anti-bullying drama with a guest performance from Miss Walker!

Anti-Bullying Comic Life stories were shared by pupils in Year Four. Here are a couple of examples.

We listened to some fantastic Anti-Bullying stories from Year Five.

To the tune of ‘Treasure’ by Bruno Mars, Year Six sang a song with a very strong Anti-Bullying message. Thank you to Miss Thomas for composing such fantastic lyrics!