Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of the top ‘men’ who have such a positive impact on the children’s lives.
Thank you for being a great influence.

Pupils all made ties last Friday as a fun way of saying thank you. Pupils were invited to tweet us a photo of their chosen recipient wearing the tie (with the hash tags #mioleman and #mioleboy – Black Country dialect).


The ‘Yes, We Can!’ Show

The whole school were treated to the ‘Yes, We Can!’ show from ventriloquist Marc Griffiths this morning. The show is all about raising our aspirations – the perfect accompaniment for our ASPIRE values.

We saw how by changing his attitude, by changing the way he thinks, by believing he can, and by choosing to work hard, Kevin (the puppet) realises his future is in his hands. He learns he can have aspirations and hope for an amazing future!

It was great to see pupils and staff members laughing out loud throughout Marc’s show. Thank you Marc, Kevin and Munch. We can’t wait to see you again!


Lunchtime Awards

This term’s lunchtime award winners received their certificates and prizes from Mark Griffiths! As you know, the lunchtime supervisors vote on a winner from each key stage.

This Reception pupil was chosen for always being well-mannered and polite at lunchtimes!


A huge improvement in her lunchtime behaviour meant that this pupil was a worthy lunchtime award winner.


This Y4 pupil was described by Miss Smith as always being polite, helpful and an all ’round lunchtime superstar.


Well done everyone!


Mad Science Assembly

Atomic Abbie wowed the school with her Mad Science assembly this morning!

Everyone’s excited faces lit up when we investigated how paper burns differently when dipped in 200 chemicals!

We all became scientists as we predicted how high the cork would blast off the test tube filled with bicarbonate of soda (sodium bicarbonate)  and vinegar (acetic acid).

Next, we investigated lung capacity: two volunteers came out to the front to help. They each had to blow into the wind bag to test their air capacity. Using science, they were able to improve their scores by allowing air to travel easier.

Finally, we loved watching Abbie shoot air out of a cannon. We can’t see air, so how do we know what shape it is? The cannon created smoke to blow around the room, so the children could actually see the air travelling. We learnt that the special shape of air being shot out of the cannon is a torus.


Easter Bonnet Parade

We had a wonderful Easter Bonnet Parade this morning.


Thank you to Mrs Cullum for judging the huge number of entries that we received for our Easter Bonnet competition. These are the results:

Overall Winner!


Easter Craft Competitions

We had a brilliant response to our Easter competitions, with pupils and parents thrilled to have the opportunity to be creative.

This slideshow gives you a flavour of the huge variety of entries that we received which made judging incredibly difficult.

Mrs Barker and Mrs Moore, from the office, judged the Easter colouring competition as follows:

EYFS Winner

Mrs Alison Buick, Joint Chair of Governors, judged the Decorate an Egg competition as follows:

Mr Chris Wilson, co-opted governor, judged the Easter Craft and Cooking competition as follows:


ASPIRE Awards – Spring 2

We held our fifth ASPIRE Awards Assembly (for Spring 2) on Wednesday 23rd March. These are the pupils who were nominated from each class. Please click on the booklet to enlarge before reading.

After hearing why each class teacher had nominated these children, all nominees were awarded with a certificate which was presented by one of our school governors.

Mr Chris Wilson, one of our co-opted governors, presented certificates to nominees from EYFS and KS1.

Miss Rachel Walker, staff governor, presented certificates to KS2 nominees.

After all nominees had selected a prize from our fabulous prize table, they were invited to parade around the hall whilst the rest of the school clapped them on!

Finally, the three overall winners (one each from EYFS, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two) were also presented with extra prizes! Overall winners were voted for by governors after reading through all the nominations.

A huge congratulations to all our nominees! You are ASPIRE ambassadors!

Some photos of our ASPIRE nominees with members of their family!


Sports Relief

Here at Leamore, we have been incredibly lucky today. We have had a very special visitor in school… Mark Lewis-Francis, the olympic gold medallist!


We started the day with a celebratory assembly, for which Miss Francis and Mrs Bradley had decorated the hall- thank you! Miss Thomas introduced Mark and he told us a little bit about himself:

(Sports Relief) Mark Lewis Francis at Leamore from Leamore Primary School on Vimeo.

Following this, we were shown a clip of Mark in action at the 2004 olympics in Athens, Greece, where he won his gold medal for the 4x100m relay race!

(News) 2004 Athens Summer Olympics Mens 4 x 100 Relay from Leamore Primary School on Vimeo.

The children (and adults) were then invited to ask any questions that they had for Mark. Everyone was very thoughtful and asked some brilliant questions… Mr Dwyer had the pressures of school life in mind when he asked Mark for some advice for the pupils…

(Sports Relief) Mark Lewis Francis Questions! from Leamore Primary School on Vimeo.

Miss Thomas then revealed the reason we needed pom-poms for today! We were learning a special Leamore cheerleading routine for sports relief! The children were so well behaved and eager to learn this!

(Sports Relief) Miss Thomas’ Cheerleading Routine from Leamore Primary School on Vimeo.

(Sports Relief) Leamore Cheerleaders! from Leamore Primary School on Vimeo.

Mark then joined each class throughout the day to hold workshops for the children. They had the opportunity to take part in a circuit activity led by Mark himself AND got to see and hold his gold medal. We feel very privileged that he joined us today.

Here are the winners from each class. They were presented with a special medal and got to have their photograph taken with Mark!


Thank you Mark Lewis-Francis, we loved having you at our school today!


Sports Relief Netball Game

The ‘Parents Vs Staff Sports Relief Netball Match‘ took place after school today.

Here is Miss Francis’ totally amazing match report:

Leamore was at its very best this afternoon, with parents and staff uniting to support Sports Relief with an exhilarating game of netball. Five minutes into the game, muscles were being used that we never knew we had. However, the competition was definitely on: Skilful pivoting, chest passes, fantastic shooting and even the occasional lobbying the ball was witnessed. We definitely had it all going on!  Mrs Kelly was a little whippet. I demand to see her birth certificate tomorrow; she’s never nearly 57! 

Jodie and Mrs Bradley took a tumble for the team but rose valiantly to their feet. Where was Mrs Lockett our invisible first aider? Looking the other way perhaps arranging our half time oranges! Keep replaying the brilliant shot by Mrs Bradley – amazing! 

“Mark your partner!” echoed throughout the match. That brought back fond teenage memories. “Jump Mr Dwyer!” was bellowed down the pitch to which he responded with a superman gesture but never actually left the ground! 

You should have seen Miss Baker’s face when she realised her partner was Mr Chidlow. It was hilarious. “You’re too tall!” I heard her say. I don’t know who was more shocked – Mr or Mrs Chidlow. If you ask me, I think he’d got springs in his legs. 

Mrs Mcutcheon was black and blue by the end of the match – she can’t explain half of her bruises.

Natalie gave me a run for my money; she stuck to me like glue! “Are your toes behind the line?” was enough to distract her! He, he!

Sheer determination was written all over Laura’s face. There was no doubt about it: she meant business! 

Sam Hill not only looked the part, but was awarded woman of the match – so deserved. Wish we’d have had scouts there! 

Miss Thomas’ and Mr Hardwick’s powerhouse defence was incredible. Although I am surprised that they let 5 goals in! I’d have trembled just going into the circle! It was no surprise that Jayne rose to that challenge – she may not have played since she was 17, but no one would of guessed. From one Nan to another, how do you do it?!

Marie and another relative were last minute volunteers – they both rose to the challenge. Thank you for stepping in. 

What amazing sports we all were. Thank you to all netball players and, most importantly, to the spectators who donated to Sports Relief. I for one wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Bursting with Pride!


Assembly – ‘I Can’ Attitude

Check out how these two Year Four pupils showed off their ‘I Can’ attitude in assembly this morning when they shared the looooooooong loom band that they have been making at home! We also read a newspaper article about the loom band that a boy called Ben, who lives in Devon, has been making.

Our two Year Four pupils were keen to find out if their loom band was as long as the hall. It was!

During assembly, we discussed how having an ‘I Can’ attitude can help you to become very good at a particular skill. We learnt that some people who are really good at something go on to break World records.

We all enjoyed watching this video of Bertie, the fastest tortoise in the World, who now has a Guinness World Record. Bertie certainly has an ‘I Can’ attitude!


Commonwealth Day at the Council House

Alongside pupils from other Walsall primary schools, one of our Year Five pupils represented Leamore Primary at the Council House for Commonwealth Day where she was also able to meet the Mayor of Walsall!

Not sure what the Commonwealth actually is? Well, the Commonwealth is a family of 53 countries from all over the world, spanning the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. To find out more about what it represents, please click this link.

Commonwealth Day is held every year on the second Monday of March. The day is celebrated around the world and from the Head of the Commonwealth, Her Majesty the Queen, a special message is issued through Prime Ministers and Presidents to the citizens of the Commonwealth particularly school children.

One of the tasks was to design the front page of a Commonwealth newspaper which the Mayor would then judge. We are delighted to announce that our pupil came second and will soon be receiving a special prize!

As well as meeting the Mayor of Walsall, part of the day involved raising the Commonwealth flag and saying the Commonwealth Affirmation.

Here are the affirmations (positive sayings) that were read out by all the children:

  • The First Affirmation – We affirm that every person-of whatever colour, class or creed-possesses unique worth and dignity.
  • The Second Affirmation – We affirm our respect for the world and pledge that we will be its stewards by caring for every part of it.
  • The Third Affirmation – We affirm our belief in justice for everyone and peace between peoples and nations.
  • The Fourth Affirmation – We affirm faith and love as the foundation of all human relationships.
  • The Fifth Affirmation – We affirm that we each belong to our own nation and to the whole human family: to the service of both we pledge ourselves.
  • The Sixth Affirmation – We affirm that diversity is a gift to humanity and that all peoples are worthy of respect; in pursuit of which, we pledge to promote understanding and reconciliation in our communities and around the world.

Commonwealth Day at the Council House on PhotoPeach

Thank you to Janet Catto, from Walsall Children’s Services, for organising, and then inviting us to, this event!


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