ASPIRE Awards – Summer 2

We held our seventh ASPIRE Awards Assembly (for Summer 2) on Friday 15th July. These are the pupils who were nominated from each class (posing proudly with members of their family). Please click on the booklet to enlarge before reading.

After hearing why each class teacher had nominated these children, all nominees were awarded with a certificate which was presented by one of our school governors.

Mr Peter Bruno, one of our co-opted governors, presented certificates to nominees from EYFS and KS1.

Mrs Natalie Turner, Vice Chair of Governors, presented certificates to KS2 nominees.

After all nominees had selected a prize from our fabulous prize table, they were invited to parade around the hall whilst the rest of the school clapped them on!

Here is Peter opening the envelope to find out who the overall EYFS Winner is!

Finally, the three overall winners (one each from EYFS, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two) were also presented with extra prizes! Overall winners were voted for by governors after reading through all the nominations.

3 thoughts on “ASPIRE Awards – Summer 2

  1. Miss Hill, that is lovely! I’m so happy Edward won it was a lovely surprise! 🙂 Thank you to you all!

  2. Congratulations to all the nominees and the overall winners ,you should all be proud of yourselves.
    We are so proud of Amy receiving a nomination and a big thank you to all the staff who helped Amy to do so.
    Jayne and simon

  3. Well done to all the nominees, you should all be very proud of yourselves. Keep up the good work. Thank you to all who have helped Kai throughout his year at nursery. A big special thank you to Mrs McCutcheon and Miss Baker x 2! They have been a great support to Kai and us and they have given him a great start to school life. If it was not for them we believe Kai would not have adjusted and progressed with his learning and social skills as well as he has. He is sad to be leaving them next year. We are very happy that he will continue to be a part of leamore Primary school and believe he will have the guidance and support he will need each year to come. Thank you.

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