Message From the Past

Here is a message that we have recently received from Marilyn Thorp who used to be the Head of Infants at Leamore many years ago. We love it when people from Leamore’s past get in touch! Thank you very much to Mrs Thorp for contacting us!

I have been looking at your website and was particularly interested in the photo from 1975 when Howard Robbins was headteacher. That was about the time that I started working at Leamore Primary School as Head of Infants. I was a teacher there until Easter 1981, and taught in the top infant class, although I was responsible for the organisation of the whole Infant Department. I have fond memories of Leamore, although I confess I don’t recognise any of the children in the photo or Mr Holland. My husband was deputy head at Christchurch Primary School at the same time. In 1981 I left Leamore to have my second child, and we moved to North Yorkshire where my husband became headteacher of a small village school called Glaisdale Primary School. He stayed there for three years and, interestingly, I have recently retired as headteacher of the very same school! My love of teaching was fostered at Leamore and reinforced at Glaisdale, and I have had a long and enjoyable career. Perhaps you would allow me to visit the school one day when I return to the Midlands. I would love to awaken my memories, and see the changes there have been over the years. From your website, the school looks an exciting place to be! Good luck with all you do in the future.

Blast From The Past!

Here are two photos that a previous Leamore pupil has sent us on Twitter. They are from a long time ago!

Why don’t you ask your Mums and Dads, Grannies and Grandads if they can remember anyone from the photos?

This photo shows Leamore’s football team in 1975. The two men at the back of the hall are Mr Robbins – who was once the head teacher, and Mr Holland – who was a class teacher here at Leamore. Isn’t it strange to see how our school hall looked back then?

Here we have a class full of children standing outside Leamore Primary School with Mrs Lane, who was a class teacher.

Do let us know if any of your family members recognise people in our ‘blast from the past’ photos!